Thursday, July 2, 2020

Thursday, July 2, 2020 - Ahhh... 5 weeks till school starts... Let's still do some summer stuff.

How to keep up to date on whats going on?
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Want to Join a Project?
I'm creating a few project that I want to work on... but I would also like to let you join and work on them too... So If you want to join one of these projects below:
  • Adding New Events Project - This project is all about learning how to do the following... and maybe that's not how to do it. To get started on this project, you should start reading up about PHP and mySql or other database structures. My web host supports PHP and mySql, so that is probably what I'll eventually use.
    • Java Script to capture the input data form
    • More Javascript to create a data structure or object
    • Take that input data structure and feed it to some PHP
    • Which should probably end up in a data base like mySql
  • Flip Timer Project Overview - I want to turn this Flip Clock into a github student managed software project. I want to turn it from a Flip Clock in to a count down timer, and then add in the "lost" flip cards and then use it in class to time activities... Stay Tuned.
Need some "Lite" reading?
Here is a list of mostly Engineering, Math, Machine Learning and Data Science books. There are a bunch of Chemistry, Biology, and Social Science books too... PDF and Free (there are some with out pdf links). I downloaded more than half of them and am going to build a library for my students... I'm sure some of these have way more math that I'm ready for... but they have some cool pictures. I'm excited for the Astrophysics and Data Science books... No... Really... I'm going to read some of these... Check out this PDF file link

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