Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Humble Bundle MAKER books... 

Take a look at this Humble Bundle Maker Skills Builder Bundle
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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Critter Bot

I Love Instructables - This would be fun to build -

Clear Path - Cool Engineering Chalenge with a Purpose

ClearPath Indoor Robotic Guide for the Visually Challenged

Here is an "Opportunity to Learn Outside Of Class".  This NOT required, but might be fun and educational. This is an invitation to a local meetup happening in Meno Park on Dec 19.ClearPath Indoor Robotic Guide for the Visually Challenged  If you are in the Silicon Valley area Dec 19, maybe plan on going to this talk and planning session.  Extra Credit for my Mechatronics Students...

The ClearPath project's goal is to create a proof of concept robotic platform intended to guide a visually impaired person indoors. Ideally, a sensor-rich, smart environment would assist the guide robot's planning and run-time navigation while the robot guides the blind user through the building. The first project phase in this effort is to demonstrate the potential of indoor guidance for the blind.

Clear Path Meetup Dec 19 at 7:00 in Menlo Park, CA​

Meetups are local gatherings, where folks can collaborate and learn.  This is a mix of Adults and Youth, so PLEASE be aware that students will be interacting with adults they may be meeting for the first time.  It is appropriate for parents/guardians to attend these activities with their students.  This is an outside public event and an out of class activity. SVCTE is not involved in the organization or execution of this event.