Project Presentation: Grading Rubric

For full credit, please make sure:

  1. Slides Style, Layout, and Fonts are the same (same font and size) - 
    • Why?  When your slides have different Fonts or styles, it gets very distracting to the audience.  
    • Pick a style and stick with it throughout the whole presentation.
  2. Font is large, bullet are short sentences
  3. Add at least 1 graphic/image/chart/ etc,  to each slide that is relevant... if you feel the need to add a "wagon" do that on the 5th slide
Each presentation will have 5 or more slides:
  • 1st Slide:  Presentation Title, Your Name, Link to source
    • Title of your presentation
    • Your Name
    • Link to the web site, Article, etc 
    • Image or graphic, chart that is relevant to your presentation
  • 2nd Slide:Who, What, Where
    • Brief description of what your project is.  What are you building
    • link to source
    • images of the project
  • 3rd Slide: Parts List
    • List of parts you need to build the project
    • Links to the specific components
    • List resources needed - 3D printer, high rez Camera, RC car, laptop, etc...
    • Estimated cost of project
  • 4th Slide: Steps to complete project - This is one slide that then may have additional slides for each step
    • List each step that needs to be completed
  • 5th to Nth Slide: details for each step
    • how to complete each step

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