Thursday, May 18, 2017

SERVO Magazine Robot Sites

St. Pete Beach Community Center - St. Pete Beach, FL 
      Events include Bottle Sumo, Vcc, Game, GRAF, and UMC.
University Rover Challenge 
Mars Desert Research Station, Hanksville, UT
      Student teams build rovers for an extreme desert environment.

AUVS International Ground Robotics Competition 
Rochester, MI
      Autonomous ground robots must navigate an outdoor obstacle course within a prescribed time and speed limits.
Concurso De Robótica Aguilar
Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico
     Events include Line Following, Labyrinth Solving, Mini Sumo, Cockerel, and Robot Arm Challenge. 
Pobot Junior Cup
Sophia-Antipolic, France
      Waste collection robot challenge.
Seattle Bot Battles 
Seattle Center Armory Seattle, WA
      RC vehicle combat.
European Robotics Hackathon 
Sonnenweg 1, 3435 Zwentendorf an der Donau Austria
      Robot hackathon at inactive nuclear reactor site.

MATE ROV Competition
Long Beach City College, Long Beach, FL
      Student underwater robot challenge.
 Clash of the Bots 
Schiele Museum, Gastonia, NC
      Events include bot hockey and RC vehicle combat.

International Autonomous Robot Contest 
E3 Civic High School, San Diego, CA
      Autonomous robots must navigate around fixed obstacles.

Robotic Day 
Prague, Czech Republic
      Events include Bear Rescue, Ketchup House, Line Following, Mini Sumo, and RoboCarts.
HBRC Challenge and BotLuck Dinner 
HomeBrew Robotics Club - Mountain View, CA 
     Nothing but the best part of the meeting: All Show-and-Tell featuring RoboMagellan Trials, the Original TABLEBot Challenge, FloorBot Challenge, The A-Mazing Line Maze Challenge, Robot Dance Party, and Run-what-ya-brung.