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Ham Radio is cool.. but not a lot of folks are getting licensed... but you should... and it's not that hard.

Check out this link as a motivation for why you should get licensed

I have to admit it's kinda lame, but they have this concept of "HAM Cram".  What this means is that you study the pool of questions for the specific license you are trying to get... Yes that's right, you are not actually learning the technology, lore or actual engineering of HAM radio, but rather just memorizing the question and the right answer.

Is it worth it to pay for a "HAM Cram" workshop class?... not really.  Here is what I recommend:

WARNING - These question pool is only valid until June 30 2018

  • Pick one that is about 2 weeks away, and then study the following questions every day... at breakfast, on the bus, in class, on the toilet... every where... any time you have 5-10 min to study....  Study!!!  Print it out and STUDY!!! (careful, it's 94 pages)
  • How this works is, as you study the question and the only answer you can see, you eventually just get the question and answer linked in your mind.  Then when you read the question on the real test, the only answer that looks familiar is the right answer... I know this is lame, and you are not really learning any real HAM radio knowledge... but that is how the HAM world works today.

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