EAB Invite - Invitation to SVCTE Mechatronics Engineering EAB

Hey... You made it to this page... that means that you clicked on some other link to find out what this SVCTE Mechatronics Engineering EAB meeting is all about...  And maybe you would like to be on my board and attend... Great... Lets jump right in

The reason you are here is to see if you would consider serving on our SVCTE Mechatronics Engineering Education Advisory Board (EAB).  

I promises, it will not be a huge time sink  This is a class we launch for the 2017-2018 school year, and are seeking feedback for how we should change it for the 2018-2019 school year.

First, let me introduce myself. I recently became an instructor at Silicon Valley Career Technical Education. (SVCTE).  I have always loved teaching, and teaching High School has always been noodling around in my head… So, in August of 2016, after spending 25+ years at Xilinx as a Digital Design Engineer and Technical Marketing Engineer, I made the jump.

Silicon Valley CTE is a high school targeting sophomores, juniors and seniors from 6 local school districts, including 40+ High schools.  SVCTE offers state-of-the art programs which immerse students in rigorous, real-world academics and skills development designed to support their success through college and/or in their future careers.

If you are still reading, that means that you are intrigued, and would like some more information on what we are planning to cover in the class and what the role of serving on the EAB would entail.
We are designing the Mechatronics Engineering class to be an exploration of the design of "intelligent" systems and products, in which mechanization and control requiring sensing, actuation, and computation, are combined to achieve improved product quality and performance.  Mechatronics Engineering includes the study of electronics, physics, mechanics, and computer control in one cohesive hands-on, project-based program. Class projects will include programing (C++ and Python) , robotics, industrial automation, industrial process control, pneumatic, and electro-mechanical systems.
By serving as a member of my Mechatronics Engineering EAB, you will have an opportunity to review and provide feedback on the course outline, curriculum, and key assignments.  The role of an EAB member is outlined as follows:

  1. Assist in the review of the course outline, curriculum, and key assignments
  2. Assist in the verification of the current labor market needs and market direction 
  3. Provide input and feedback that will help design, update, modify, expand and improve the quality of the SVCTE courses 
  4.  Give added support and strengthen the relationship between business, industry, community and education
  5. Assist in the promotion of the program

Now you are probably wondering how much of a time commitment this might entail…  I don’t actually think this should take more than a few hours a year.  Here is what I'm proposing:
  • 1-2 meetings (Live, Skype/WebEx) a year... These meetings will be an hour to an hour and half, where we can review the current class outline and have group discussions on recommendations, industry direction, etc.
  • 1-2 times a year where I send out the updated class syllabus / outline for review (I’m not expecting you to spend more than about an hour or so of time to review the material)
  • less than 10 emails per year, giving you an update on how the class is going, quick clarifying questions or recommendations.
Can I count on your participation?  For sure, as much or as little participation is welcome and appreciated

If you would like more EAB information, visit my class, be a guest speaker, please fill out this EAB response form

Our first kickoff meeting will be March 29, 5:00pm-6:30pm PST.  If you can attend, I can send you more specific details on the Mechatronics Engineering class and how to attending live, or calling in on WebEx or Skype.


Jim Burnham
Mechatronics Instructor @ SVCTE
Office:  408-723-6477    Cell:  408-603-0925

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