Sunday, April 16, 2017

WoHooo... We Get To Build Fire Breathing Robots

Dear Mechatronics Students of 2017-2018,

I’m Mr. Burnham, and I’m super excited about the Mechatronics class next year. I just wanted to say Hi, and point you at some sites that may help you get ready. You may have seen one of my recruiting presentations at your home high school… If you did, then you know that we are going to build FIRE Breathing Robots.

Yes, We TOTALLY are going to build stuff like this... so start planning...

Here is a link to a PDF which is a Mechatronics Overview, and gives a high level introduction to what we will be learning.
  • Hands on Physics <-- this will be interleaved as part of the other modules, but will satisfy the A-G "D" Science requirement 
  • AC/DC Electronic Fundamentals 
  • Digital Electronic Fundamentals 
  • Programing with Microcontrollers 
  • Programmable Logic Devices 
  • Mechanical 3D design& mechanical drawing 
  • Robotic Theory and Application 
  • Pneumatic Systems
Here is also the official Mechatronics course flier, which is a download (sorry, we want your name and email to see it) 

Now, everyone knows that building FIRE Breathing Robots is more fun with a friend… so go find someone else to take this Mechatronics class with you. Then have them go talk to their councilor and get signed up with you.

I'm looking forward to seeing you next year.

Mr Burnham